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    Flash 8 Weapons Shop

    Creepin Bro
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    Flash 8 Weapons Shop

    Post by Creepin Bro on Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:06 am

    I'm no master Flash user, but I'd say I can make some pretty decent weapons
    I currently only work in Flash 8 so, sorry to others that don't, but I can't guarantee that my weapons will work on newer versions of Flash.

    I will edit this later with a "portfolio" of sorts, for examples of my work.

    any way, to request a weapon, use this format: (not required, but preferred)

    (Type of weapon)
    (Name of weapon, if it has one)
    (any details of the weapon, colors, engravings, shape, design, any thing you want to make sure it has)
    (A reference, if you have one)

    I'll get to any request as fast as I can, I can't say how fast that may always be though.

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