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This title is only so long because I want to find out what the character limit is, for future reference. Whilst typing, I have begun to develop concerns over whether or not these even have a limit, and this brings up the question in my mind over the possi

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Welp, There it is.

I have been invited here, but actually finding it was....admittedly difficult.

I have taken up the practice of animation, and have come here to develop my skills in that area.

If the mood strikes me,I may post my amateurish attempts at composing here as well.

I have also taken an interest in the stick warrior section if this forum, so expect something from there eventually. Not necessarily, soon, but eventually.

So that's pretty much it. >_>

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Creepin Bro

BS Global Moderator
Welcome Xyskal, I hope you have fun here, and that you become active here
I'm bored, no one posts any thing I can comment on ;-;

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I'm pretty sure that even if I became more active here, discussion between us would barely affect the overall activity of this website.

That and I'm waiting a week to post my stick warrior.

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Yeah,sorry for that thing with the posting fam,I don't know how to fix it 1:

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