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    Post by SoBadItsGood on Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:50 pm

    Listen up, ya Terkoiz fanboy,
    I'm gonna stick you up like an awesome killjoy.
    I'm quite tired of your little kid tirades,
    So I'm just going to derail you from your idiotic parade.
    You have no idea who you're messing with,
    And it just so happens I'm quite a Sith.
    If I were you, I'd call it quits,
    Before I end up chopping you to super small bits.
    So go watch your favorite duelists like the Yupia,
    Better to shield you from explosions bigger than Hiroshima.
    I'll boot you around like a giant soccer ball,
    And insult you for your despicable gall.
    And, for the record, I am going to win,
    Before you are even able to simply begin.
    I will crush you like a bug,
    And step on you like a freaking rug,
    Then make you drink piss your own piss like it's a drug.
    Because, STHOMMY, I'll have you know,
    I will string you up like a stupid scarecrow.
    You'll need a leprechaun's luck to actually win,
    Whereas I won't even need the help of Eminem
    I can't stress this enough;
    I swear you're just a big pile of fluff.
    Hell, I made someone cry for mercy,
    And make you become super dainty.
    Now I gotta let you drink from your little weird mug,
    And one word of advice: don't screw this up.
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    Post by STHOMMY on Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:56 pm

    Wow, fucker, that was good, but I learnt mine from the hood. You can never break me down, I'll never tear up and frown (in the likes of you) so grab a seat while I spit some rhymes, as for it is now your time, to remember these lines forever you shall always cry, at night. Try as you might you'll never be as good from a guy from the hood and I bet you wish you could. I bet you wish you could. I'd continue this now, but I think I've broke you down. So just sit down with your frown, this battle is mine this time around.

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